NVL Baltimore Beach Volleyball Tournament 2012

The NVL Baltimore beach volleyball tournament of 2012 resulted in a big surprise. Casey Patterson and Ryan Doherty beat Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers to win the tournament. You might be asking how tall is Ryan Doherty? Ryan Doherty’s height is 7’2″ and Casey Patterson plays defense at 6’7″ making them the tallest combined height team in the world. At 6’9″ Phil Dalhausser is usually the tallest person in every tournament with the exception of some random up and coming players that might be 6’10. But Ryan Doherty brings a new element to beach volleyball, he is a fairly young player and just beat the best team in the world. The duo of Doherty/Patterson is going to be of Olympic proportions but they came together a little late to get into the 2012 Olympics for beach volleyball. That spot is going to either Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal or Nick Lucena and Matt Fuerbringer.

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