NVL Official Game Ball

The NVL official game ball is now in and a little overpriced at $60 dollars a ball. The NVL beach volleyball is blue, red and white and looks pretty good but the price is going to hold people back from buying it until it drops down to around $40 dollars where it should be priced.

Want to know where to buy the NVL game ball?
Be expecting the price to go down and look for it on Amazon for the best buy.

Some info on the new Wilson NVL beach volleyball official game ball:
Merchant SKU: 100-0001
It’s the official NVL competition ball
It feels the same as the old yellow AVP official game ball, so I would recommend just buying the old ball until the price of the new NVL ball gets lower because these balls don’t cost more than $10 dollars a piece to make in some other part of the world.

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